Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Nowadays, many people look for easy methods to gain extra cash. Thankfully, there are many ways to make money online, boost your monthly income, or even begin a new career.

In this guide, we’ll focus on short- and long-term money-making ideas to make extra cash by relying on digital resources. Find what suits you best based on your availability and needs.

Let’s get started !

Start An E-Commerce Business

Revenue potential: You can reach up to $63,000 in monthly revenue in three months and up to $127,000 in year one.

If you’re looking for a large payout that can gradually lead to a full-time occupation, you can start an online store. Setting up a small business online has never been easier, as long you find the right products/services.

To build a profitable business, find products/services you’re passionate about and conduct market research to determine their potential. Then, sit down to map the logistics.

Moreover, you can also get into the world of dropshipping, a business model that has gained many fans over the years. In short, you act as a mediator between the customer and a third-party supplier. You don’t need anything in stock, as they fulfill the orders on your behalf.


As you can see, both methods cannot bring you money fast, but with persistence and effort, the sky will be your limit.

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Make money in stock

E-Commerce Platforms To Build Online Stores | easy make money online

What are the most popular ecommerce website to start your online store from scratch? Here are some options:

  • Shopify: One of the most popular website builders, with an easy-to-use setup and plenty of help during onboarding. The platform offers many premium features and add-ons, and pricing starts at $29/month.
  • BigCommerce: It includes an intuitive website builder with various customization capabilities. This platform supports multi-channel selling, SEO tools, and many payment options. Pricing starts at $29.95/month.
  • Wix: A user-friendly website for beginners and many designer-made templates to build a beautiful website. However, its inventory management is not the best in the market. Pricing starts at approx. $20/month for basic features.
  • Woocommerce: It’s a free WordPress plug-in and one of the most popular websites for eCommerce stores. Some of its pros are its SEO capabilities and customer support. However, it’s not one of the most scalable solutions.

Overall, it’s easy to say that opening an eCommerce store is not a low-effort deed. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, If you’re short on time but fascinated by this business idea, consider drop-shipping as an alternative.

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